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Friday, March 11, 2011

Recent Delights

Most people who know us are well aware that Trevor and I have become somewhat coffee snobbish.  We've developed a taste for higher-end coffee and if there one thing we splurge on in our grocery budget it is so we can enjoy a quality cup of java in the morning.  Two years ago we received a French press and made the switch from a drip coffee-maker.  We found that the simple act of pouring boiling hot water over the grounds produced a much richer flavour than the drip style.  Through various conversations with fellow coffee connoisseurs we also heard that the type of bean grinder used also makes a noticeable difference in the taste of coffee.  So with money from Christmas and, after much research by moi, we purchased a this Burr style coffee bean grinder.

Guess what?
Those people were right!  Because a Burr grinder produces a more consistent grind the taste of the coffee is definitely stronger with more intense flavour.  (and I love how the red - yes I did actually buy it in red - grinder looks on my kitchen counter.

I went bra shopping with my mom last Saturday and while I was successful in that endeavor I also bought this fantastic pair of shoes!

Naturalizer Annabelle Shoe

They are from Naturalizer and are super comfortable and look great with jeans and dress pants and skirts.
And the best part?
They were on sale for $39.99!!

These are the sunglasses in the root beer colour that I am going to purchase to replace my driven over ones.
Now here's a plug for Maui Jim sunglasses (and no, they are not paying me or giving me anything to say this): In short, I love them.  Their lenses are comparable to none - and I've had the privedge of wearing many brands of sunglasses (Oakley, RayBan, Dior, Burberry) and although those are all quality sunglasses there is something about the Maui Jim brand that elevates my opinion of them over and above the other brands.  Glare control, clarity and durability (for the glass lenses anyway, plastic or polycarbonate lenses aren't neary as scratch resistant,  They also don't hold up too well under the weight of a van but I won't hold that against them!) are superior.  If you are willing to spend a little money I'd say these are hands-down worth it. I've owned only two pairs in nearly ten years (I actually still have my first pair but they are small and very out of style) and even had a warranty issue with one of them that the company dealt with efficiently and no-questions asked.

Last but not least and mostly for the fun of the fashion I ordered these sunglasses too! I actually ordered then before the 'incident' involving my Maui Jims.

(Sorry for all the links but I could not get the images to paste properly)


kraftykash said...

We LOVE LOVE LOVE our morning mocha. I am super spoiled because Kiley makes it just the way I like it every morning. Those shoes are cute! Now Trevor need to take you out :)

Karina said...

No more rocks and boulders baby...way to go on the burr grinder :)

I may be coveting those shoes a lot...gonna have to see if I can find me some like that soon. After I pray about my covetousness, that is.

Carla said...

Kash: Ooo Mocha's, now that sounds good! I agree, Trevor does need to take me out!

Karina: Totally get those shoes, the comfort alone should overshadow your covetousness.

Anonymous said...

I took you out last weekend!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So take me again!!!!!!!

Tammie said...

we have a drip coffee maker right now but i miss the days of a french press. when i dropped ours last year we replaced it with a regular coffee maker, mainly because we wanted a timer so the coffee would be ready when we got up.

i LOVE LOVE LOVE those shoes. my husband works for naturalizers parent company, Brown Shoes, and im always so shocked when i see a cute Naturalizer. sometimes they can be kinda matronly.