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Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Southern Vacation

I am marveling at rediscovering these fantastic wonders of being in the booming metropolis of Great Falls, Montana, US of A.

a) CHEAP gas.  Heck we`re paying about $4.50 per gallon.  $3.38 feels like stealing.

b) CHEAP and delicious cheese. I know I sang the praises of Tillamook cheese last summer and I`m singing it again.  They just don`t make cheese like that where we live.  And the cost!!!!  We pay $10 for 775g on sale for semi-decent cheese.  Here we found our beloved Tillamook for $6 for 2lbs (905g).  
We bought five blocks.

c) Blow-out-let`s-get-this-stuff-out-of-the-store sales. Shirts for under $4 are only found at thrift stores `round our parts, here Trevor found numerous  I even found  a shirt for $0.97 at Old Navy - too bad it didn`t fit.

d) Cherry and Vanilla Coke or Pepsi.  It can`t be found in Canada.  I quite enjoy the cherry stuff.  Trevor says it tastes like cough syrup.  The funny thing is, Coke products were all on sale at Target and there was not a case of Cherry-Coke to be found.  I blame my fellow Canadians.

e) Casinos everywhere!!!  I counted over 20 in about one and a half miles.

f) Apparently the people of Great Falls like tacos.  There are nearly as many taco joints as casinos.

We`re very busy enjoying a weekend spending money and helping keep the US economy going while relishing the relaxing break from our kids.

1 comment:

Tammie said...

ooh im glad you're having fun.

Tillamook cheese is delicious.