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Monday, September 27, 2010

Eye of the Storm

It's 9:00 on a Friday evening and I can finally relax.
You see (and I wish you could) my house is clean, and it's clean pretty much everywhere!
I have not been fortunate to have this kind of calm and order around me in weeks. Not that I'm flopped on the couch watching Oprah or lost in a good book. I continually pick up clutter, clean rooms here and there, and sweep when walking around turns the bottoms of my socks into looking like the toaster tray- enough to keep us from appearing on TLC's "Hoarding: Buried Alive!" show.
I love a clean, organized house. I could easily have been somewhat OCD had I not got myself a husband at a tender young age, and then later had kids.

Lately I've been so frustrated with the condition of my home. I used to be able to keep the mess down to a "lived in" look where if someone dropped in unexpectedly I wouldn't run and hide and hope Sierra kept her voice down to a dull holler to avoid revealing that we were actually home. These days I just can't keep up and all I do is pick up stuff, put it away, wipe counters, sweep floors and so on only to look back and feel like there is a bigger mess behind me. A messy, dirty house does not a happy, relaxed Carla make.

Monday: I've totally turned into a clean nazi the last couple of days. I've hounded Sierra about putting her shoes, coat, clothes, toys in their proper place as soon as they are not being used. There must be something in the tone of my voice because she is actually obeying without too much objection. I personally have been extra anal about picking up every bit of clutter constantly.
And so far I've managed to keep on top of things.
Too bad it likely won't last.


Kindra aka "The Meal Planner" said...

The best advice I read on an organizing blog recently was that your level of clean and organization needs to match your season of life. It's made me relax a bit and realize I HAVE TWO SMALL KIDS RUNNING AROUND ALL DAY LONG! It's totally okay for there to be toys here and there, crumbs on the floor, etc. I strive for clean and "mostly tidy". When I have older kids who are able to help out, then the season of life is different and I can expect a cleaner, more tidy house. Until then....don't stress yourself out. Your standards for this stage of life may needs to change :)

Carla said...

What a great reminder on my stage of life! I try not to stress - clean and "mostly tidy" is a good goal!

Cam and Wendy Earl said...

Every Friday I do a good clean, so over the weekend I can relax with my family. Saturday morning by Noon, Im already stressed out about how DIRTY my house got. Dishes piled high after only one meal? Crumbs everywhere. By Monday morning my house looks like a hurricane went through. But I try to do the same thing as you. Sweep here, wipe there, and organize this. Thats all you can do I guess. Neither of my children are old enough to clean. Also I swear Cam has some sort of filter in his head, that when I ask him to clean it doesn't register. But life goes on.