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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Van Club

We are now the proud, ultimately cool owners of a......

Doesn't "mini van" just scream "family mobile" about as loud as a possible? Especially the good ole' Astro van from the early nineties. Weren't those awesome? A good friend of mine drove one while we were in high school and although it was a great mode of transporting our little group (considering she was the first to get her license by a few months) it sure wasn't much of a cute-guy magnet. Most of us had boyfriends so I guess it didn't much matter anyway.

We currently lease a 2006 GM Equinox and the lease is up at the end of November. While we enjoy driving it very much it is pretty much useless for cargo space. We can't even fit a set of golf clubs in the back, not to mention the stroller, playpen and other paraphernalia that need to be carted around with having two kids. You should have seen how packed we were when we went on out holiday! And camping? Forget it, there is no way we could go with just our family and all the gear required with camping.

Price, fuel economy, cargo and passenger space, and overall practicality won out and I was talked into a mini-van. The newer ones are much nicer than the old boxy Astro-vans, in fact, their appearance isn't really that much different from many SUVs. Are they? Or am I just deluding myself with that thought?
Anyway, we bought a fully loaded, low kms, 2005 Uplander in slate blue/grey
I'm actually excited about it.

So I won't be donning a huge hat and enormous sunglasses and slouching low in my seat in order to render myself unrecognizable every time I have to drive somewhere!
I will be a proud mini-van-driving mom!


Karen said...

Congrats on the van Carla! We had a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan here until 2 weeks ago. I really liked having a van, kids or no kids, and I found the space to be great. We now have a 2007 Dodge Dakota truck and it's a beauty but it's definitely not as spacious. I miss the van for that reason. At least this truck works though, so it was a fair trade-off. :-)

Cam and Wendy Earl said...

Hey Carla! I refused to be a Mini Van family..... and we are. I will never look back! I love the space!!!!!! So comfy! Were probably getting another one :S