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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I've been on a year-long -and-counting hunt for various items of furniture for a few random, lonely spots in our house. In the most recent pack of fliers I was excited to noticed this padded bench (note, the actual baskets are different, just plain, no flowered fabric) on sale at Jysk for only $29.95.
It appeared to be perfect for our front entrance!
Our front closet is a tad small, not so much for jackets but more so for all the other paraphernalia such as mittens, hats, sunglasses, and anything else that doesn't have an easy-to-get-at home. Sierra especially seems to have a difficult time putting her shoes in the closet. I'm sure there is a magnet repelling them out of the closet. I figure that the baskets under said bench will be a great, convenient, dumping ground for her little things. Not to mention the bench will be a suitable place to sit and put shoes on.

Off to the Jysk we went. I saw what appeared to be the same bench in white on display but it was listed for $69.95. I asked if there were others in the darker colour as pictured in the flier. A sales associate said yes, grabbed the flier to double check the model and disappeared in the back to see if they had any. Sure enough they did. I asked her if they were in fact $30 (I round up for simplicity) and she said yes ( I think I even asked twice) and when she offered to bring one to the front for me to purchased I agreed. Heck, who can go wrong with $30?

Unless the $30 is wrong.

At check out the price came up at $69.95 and I mentioned that I was told they were $30. The girl there pointed out that the flier said from $29.95. Okay, fair enough but I still pushed saying that the other associate told me they were $30 . I wanted her to double check just in case it was incorrect in their system.
Nope, the system was right.


because I was told $30, and the associated confirmed that, they sold it to me for that awesome price!!! I doubt they even got cost out of that sale.
Yay for us!

So we purchased it, took it home, assembled it and it's exactly what I had hoped.
I hate excepts.
Except it is solid wood right to the floor and my perfect location has a heat register right there. My lovely little bench covers the register entirely. Not good 'round these parts with winter and all. Trevor thinks we can cut a hole in it and buy a black register cover and still make it look nice. I hope so.
For $30?
It. Must. Work.

1 comment:

kraftykash said...

That bench is adorable. awesome find!!