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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Shop Talk

I had a few hours to shop today without my kids. Being alone with only my thoughts was a rather foreign experience, but a really nice one. The shopping part at first but frustrating too.
Of course I spent the most money on my kids - that was the fun part. I love buying girly things for Sierra and Sawyer actually needs clothes. There was also a decent sale and I have gift cards. A great combination.
As for me, I haven't bought many clothes in the last two years and I felt I deserved some retail therapy. I regularly stare at what I have in my closet and am turn my nose up at what I see. I have had most of the items for far longer than is fair to any article of clothing - or me!

I have never been great at shopping alone, I tend to prefer a second opinion. Today I must have tried on 20 sweaters and came home with only two and am still second guessing how they look. I am not quite 5'2" and nearly everything is made for taller people so it is a challenge to find proper fitting clothes. The style of sweaters seems to have trended to being long and on me they could practically be short dresses! Most sweaters are also made tight and with clingy fabric and can be bunched up a bit to avoid looking too dress-like. Combine, long, fitted, and clingy with a short, curvy, and soft bellied mom and you get a nasty picture. You want to know what's especially hideous? Adding a belt to such sweaters - HELLO hips and butt!
Hence, only a little success.

Yes, I'd still like to tone myself up and loose some weight but on whole I'm not too upset with my figure. Heck, I have had two kids! I am more upset at the lack of options for petite women with curves. Fashion advice is always to dress for your shape/figure.
I suppose if I was wealthy this would be less of an issue.
But for me, it sure is tricky sometimes.


Tammie said...

women's clothes are just impossible anymore arent they?

im five foot six and still have some of the same problems. why do they make all pants for giants?? even if i buy 'average' or 'regular' length, im still walking on the back of them but 'short' or 'petite' is always too short. what is up with this? and WHY is it trendy to add belt to a sweater? WHO does this look good on? this makes even skinny people look fat.

Anonymous said...

From one short girl to need to discover the magic of leggings. All those sweaters/tops that are too long? They are the perfect length to wear with leggings! Plus, they are as comfy as sweats :)


Carla said...

Ooo, I like your thinking Carol!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

I either hit it right and want one of everything or nothing at all. Mostly, it's the nothing at all -- and then I avoid shopping like the plague. I must say, the changing of the seasons has me rooting around in my closet and I'm finding some things that I forgot about.