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Friday, September 10, 2010

The Experience

"If you're squeemish at all don't watch,"
the doctor told my husband as he slid his chair around me with a needle in his hand.
He deftly attached a clip on my right eyelid to keep my eye open, his nurse put a couple of more freezing drops in and he attacked me with the syringe. He simply leaned over, said not to move and that I'll feel a bit of pressure - which I did as he stuck a needle in my eye and injected me with Avastin. It was extremely smooth and quick and although I wouldn't say it hurt it wasn't exactly painless either.
Off he went to inject another of his hundred victims that day. No, that's not exaggerating, that's how many patients he sees on injection days.

I exited in a daze. The injection left me seeing through a cloudy film, with three black bubbles floating around the lower half. It also felt like a beach worth of sand was scraping my eye every time I blinked. To top it all off I looked like I'd been in a bar fight or something: they had swabbed around my right eye with iodine so there was a yellow area rimming it and the outer half of the eye itself was bright red.
I wore my sunglasses.
After the freezing wore off my eye burned and I lived on Tylenol for a 24 hours.
Today I feel relatively normal but my eye is still vampire-esque with the normally white part glowing bright red.
The best part?
I get to do this again in six weeks!


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Oh you poor honey....I just read through your back posts. I suppose in the scheme of things, it is a small price to pay. But, still. I hope all goes well.

Jana said...

I hope you get better soon!