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Monday, July 5, 2010


On June 9 my girl turned 3 (?"Ffree" to quote Sierra).

What to say about the girl who is one of my greatest sources of enjoyment and yet also the greatest challenge to my patience?
Sierra has two settings: on or off; sleeping or awake. When she's awake she lives life to it's fullest. Sierra very emphatically expresses her desires and if you don't accommodate those wants - look out! She goes about everything she does with zest.
She can deftly put together a 24 piece puzzle. She has fun painting and colouring and it has been neat to watch her learn to stay within the lines. She likes to try and form objects out of Play Doh. She loves to "help" me bake or prepare supper.
She seems to have a natural athletic ability. She can throw and kick a ball impressive distances, she mastered riding a bike in a day, and loves to jump on her trampoline. Swimming is also great fun.
She likes having books read to her - but turns the pages after only one line is read. She can recognize and name about half the letters of the alphabet. She can count to thirteen. She has a phenomenal sense of direction and could probably get herself to most of our regular destinations.

She gives fabulous hugs.

1 comment:

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Your daughter is absolutely, positively adorable. Yeah for Ffree!