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Monday, July 19, 2010

Our Holiday

Oh, vacation! Did we really just have glorious 10 days together? The memories say so, the embarrassingly few pictures say so. Reality sets in so quickly upon arriving home! We had a great time and got a real break feeling rested both physically and mentally.
On day 1 we travelled for 11 hours to a lovely little town, in the Okanagan Valley called Summerland. We stayed at this resort and felt like the rich folk all around us (if only it were true!). Trevor's parents met us there and we spent a day and a half swimming in the pool, beaching, and wine tasting and buying. If only I could describe the experience it is to go wine tasting. It's such a romantic, classy activity and the scenery is stunning. We really, really like the wines there and yes, Trevor and I went without the kids.
Friday, after maximizing our time on the beach, we drove to Abbotsford, BC where Trevor grew up, it is just outside of Vancouver. While in the area we spent a good part of the time catching up with friends. It was soooooo nice and didn't feel at all like we'd not seen each other for well over a year. That's the sign of a good friends.
We also took advantage of certain preferences of ours that the West Coast has that our province does not: the fresh cherries and blueberries and raspberries, coming home with 40 pounds of berries. 6 pounds of JJ Bean brand coffee (our fave for years). 4 blocks of Tillamook Cheese bought just over the Canadian/US border (cheese is of assanign prices where we live and not as good) and of course the wine.

Unfortunately the drive home took 17 hours which was 3 hours longer than it should have due to two accident delays. The kids were fantastic and at least we were safe.

Sierra in the car.

Ahhhh! Sun, beach and a book.

Sierra loved the sand, it took work in the water though.

Cool man Sawyer.

Uncle Brian giving Sawyer his first taste of watermelon.


Tammie said...

what fun. love the pictures.

if i could find a way to send you cheese, i totally would. im not far from tillamook. i actually want to tour the factory and get free samples. nummers.

Carla said...

We toured the factory 4 years ago - it was neat. Cheese would have to be mailed with 1 day delivery to survive, my WA friend checked it out once and I don't think it was possible. But if you come up with a way....

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

You are a brave, brave soul traveling so far with little ones. I'm glad your trip was a good one -- may the memories remain forever.