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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Home Alone

Late last week Trevor got this e-mail from his brother, Brian, begging for a week of help at work. He’s an electrician who has his own business and his current job is wiring a huge dental office. The job is quite near completion but apparently the contractor is so awful that Brian just wanted to get this job over and done with. Problem: he lives on the coast, a day's drive from here.

So he flew Trevor and Sierra out yesterday and is paying Trevor’s expenses and a wage. Meanwhile, Trevor’s mother – who also lives out west - is in her glory babysitting Sierra.

This scenario has left me home alone.


It’s feels weird, actually. For fourteen months I’ve come home to my little Sierra and I’ve gotten quite used to it. I love her grin when I come home from work and feeling her soft little body in my arms. I know I left her to go to Disneyland back in April but is it different when you're the one who does the leaving.

Yesterday it simply felt like an evening to myself.

Today I wanted them back.

I know the week will be over before I know it and I’m trying to enjoy this quiet time while I can.

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