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Monday, August 25, 2008


I have to say that I absolutely LOVE my daughter.

Sierra is my joy and my sunlight. Her smile and energy and cuteness radiate wherever she is every day all day. There is nothing that rejuvenates me more thoroughly when I come home or am home than being with her. Her presence makes me forget about myself and I’m instantly drawn out of my selfish world into her world of discovery and being one.

Sierra mimics us like crazy now. Words, actions – not much gets past her eyes and ears. Everyday she says or does something new and as simple as it often is I, as her mother, think it’s the most astounding, brilliant thing!

Whenever music is playing she does the sweetest little dance. This evening I was cradling her while she was drinking her bottle and Canadian Idol was on. As a contestant was singing and Sierra was sucking on her bottle she started bouncing her bottom up and down!

Sierra has two speeds: High speed or sleeping. She never just sits for more than a couple of minutes. She always moving, exploring, learning, and playing. She has a great time horsing around with whoever is willing. She does not display any obvious signs of being tired. She will go and go and go. Trevor and I know her signs – putting her hands to her head, dragging her blanket or stuffed bunny around – and the general times she needs to nap and make sure she goes to bed. Anyone else would just assume she wasn’t tired and let her keep going. Eventually she gets super duper cranky and over tired and that is not a pretty scenario.

Just a few thoughts on Sierra and my feelings as her mother.

I cherish her dearly.

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