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Monday, August 11, 2008

Slurpee, Slurpee, Slurr-peee Time!

Saturday was a fantastically hot and humid day.

There’s nothing like a Slurpee to wet one’s tongue and grace one’s tastebuds on those kinds of days. They are a sweet, sugar-laden, calorie packed, brain-freezing incredibly delicious slushy drink.

As I savoured my first few slurps while lounging on the back-yard lawn, Sierra toddled up to me with an inquisitive and expectant look.

“What’s that you got there, Mom? Can I try some?” Her eyes said.

“A Pepsi Slurpee, can you suck out of a straw?” I asked.

“No,” Trevor answered for Sierra since she really doesn’t speak yet.

I continued to slurp the icy beverage but Sierra’s intense blue eyes kept staring at me and my Slurpee.

“Mom! I wanna try!” Those eyes said.

I relented.

I put the straw in her mouth and she immediately began sucking as if she’d been sucking since the day she was born – oh, wait a minute, she has - and got her first taste of frozen pop.

Then it was no longer my Slurpee that I was sharing with her.

It was Sierra’s Slurpee and she was sharing with me!

She would suck some into her mouth than push it toward me so I could have some. I would get to suck some up and then she would grab it out of my mouth for herself.

We drank Sierra’s Slurpee like this for a few minutes.

Then the Slurpee needed stirring, as we all know Slurpees do, so I stirred it. I did so by pumping the straw up and down in the mug (putting it in a thermal mug prevents instant melting on such hot days). Sierra observed my actions and promptly did the same. Then she continued to enjoy the partially frozen sugar-drink, allowing me some every so often, and pausing to stir it once in awhile too.

Before long, there was no more Slurpee and 1 year old on a sugar high!


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