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Thursday, January 10, 2008


Trevor got this wicked flu Sunday night and it pretty much laid him out for two days. I spent Monday at my parent's to avoid contact in hopes of not getting it myself. I wasn't too worried because I don't normally get the flu. No such luck, Tuesday night I got it. Not the violent version Trevor had but I was very glad Trevor only worked Wednesday afternoon because I had so little energy - lifting Sierra was a huge effort and I was shivering constantly. I'm feeling more human this morning and the fever seems to have passed. I still feel a bit weak but I'll be fine with Sierra today. It was so annoying to get because I have so much to do! My mom now has what we had, it must be really contagious because she's not susceptible to the flu either. Sierra is not sick and neither is my dad so far, but they also got the flu shot. Hmmmm.
I'm also moping these days because some good friends of ours are moving to Manitoba by March. It hit me that we don't have that many friends and I'm feeling kinda lonely. Maybe this is also due to my not working for so long which means way less adult interaction (no, I don't want to go back) or because we got to reconnect with some great friends over Christmas and I miss them. I don't know but it sucks. It will improve, Trevor and I will just have to put forth some effort at getting to know some new people. Not my fav thing to do but it must be done or we'll become hermits!

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