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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pink running shoes.

AtThis fall, November or so, Trevor noticed that the bottoms of my running shoes had worn completely smooth. He expressed concern at finding me in a heap at the back of the treadmill one day and I should go and buy myslef a new pair. Good running shoes are rather expensive so I put them on my Christmas list thinking that is what I would do with any money received. I would wait for the fabulous post-Christmas sales and replace my worn out shoes. Surprise of all surprises I actually got running shoes as a gift from my parents - white and pink Nikes. I would probably never have picked out anything like that, simply because I've avoided pink my whole life. I love them, they are so girly! The first time I wore them for 45minutes and not a sore spot to be felt.

For a long time now I have wanted a cute work-out outfit. Yet the thought of spending $100 on a pair of pants and another $50 on a shirt just to sweat in didn't seem very practical. Well this past Saturday I spent my Christmas money on a great new Addidas outfit that matches my shoes. It was not nearly as expensive as above mentioned. I figured Christmas money is for stuff you may not normally buy. Now I have a great outfit for when I am by myself while I sweat! I feel good in the outfit anyway, exercise is definitely easier to do knowing there's a great outfit to be worn. (Ha - not really)

1 comment:

apaintersmind said...

That IS a really cute workout outfit! I'm jealous :)