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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Don't Know How to Title This So This Is What You Get

Yesterday I was very happy to go to work.  Today I wished I was at work and right now I'm wishing I could go to work tomorrow.  I am at my wits end with my kids!

Last week we suffered through a nasty cold in our household.  There were Kleenex boxes upon Kleenex boxes worth of snot and it sounded like a bunch of seals had taken up residence in our house.  Of course the one who was needed the most also got hit the hardest.  I was climbed on and whined at and cried at and clung to all week.

So we got over that but they still seem extra whiny and clingy and irritating.  I accomplish nothing but I have no idea where the days have gone.  Sawyer refused to nap this afternoon so he's been especially pleasant!  He bawled from supper on until I finally put him out of his misery and to bed.

  Sierra turned on the waterworks at the slightest thing and whined and whined! 

A week and a half ago they were playing nicely together and since the onset of the colds if they can irritate each other and compete for my attention they do.  They fight and screech and whine and cling....

I need a break.

1 comment:

Karen D said...

I'm sorry to hear the kids have been so sick. That can't be fun for them or for you. Hoping this week has been better for all of you. Hang in there!