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Sunday, May 20, 2012


It was a lazy Sunday morning, just my boy and I.  Sawyer and I stayed home from church, I am suffering my second cold in as many months.  When Sawyer came to me with a little container of paint in his hands and "asked" me if he could paint I complied.  His sister is usually rather dominating with activities like that so Sawyer doesn't get to express his own creativity as much or often as I believe he would like.  
He had a great time!  
Yes there was a mess created alongside the artwork, but nothing that I couldn't clean up.  Crayola paints are the best; they wash off of and out of practically everything and anything.  I love them!  If it weren't for the ease of cleanup there would be no painting in this house by kids!



Of course a bath was necessary afterwards!

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