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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Goings On

*We had in incredible thunderstorm last night. It pounded the earth with rain for four hours, lit up the sky with lightening, shook the house with thunder (literally!) and tried to blow over some trees.  Oh, and it produced a couple of tornadoes a mere 20km from us.  I was watching the sky pretty intensely for about an hour and had the environment Canada website up and was refreshing it every ten minutes.  I hate tornado weather.  We don't get this close to their likelihood very often thank goodness!

*I am very groggy and feel rather drugged this morning.  More coffee perhaps.

*I am already sick of summer TV - or the lack of it!  
But.....we've been watching America's Got Talent which has been rather entertaining.  Howard Stern is hilarious!  Other than that it's been re-runs of Seinfeld which are quite funny.  I'm ready for hot summer weather where Trevor and I can sit on the deck in the evenings after the kids are in bed and sip wine and chat.  Then TV, or the lack of it won't matter.  I suppose we could always go the library and get books and, you know, read!

*My beautiful Sierra will have made me a mother five years ago this Saturday.  This is the first year I am having a birthday party for her with friends.  There will only be three girls over Saturday morning and I'm not doing anything extravagant.  At first I was a little put off by the whole idea but now I'm totally into it.  Hey - I only have one daughter!  I'm even going to attempt to make princess cake-pops.  Gulp!
  Than a family party will take place late afternoon/evening.

* I've decided that decorating projects in my house are destined to take four months or more from idea to completions.  Our bedroom has been in the works for at least that long and is not really near finished. I still haven't printed and framed family portraits from last fall.  It doesn't help that the nice weather is moving our motivation to work on project to the outdoors and weekends/days to actually accomplish anything are extremely sparse.

*I really need to get to our downstairs computer and start posting pictures for you.

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