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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Little Catch Up

I seem to suck at blogging lately so here's basically what we've been up to:

Nothing like a little cross-border retail therapy, missing a spring snowstorm in the process and returning to wonderful summery weather to rejuvenate a person.  That person, of course, being me!
We journeyed down to Great Falls, Montana this past weekend, we being our family and my parents.  We really had no major purpose beyond getting away and checking out the shopping.  It was more about taking the time to actually shop and browse around to see what's out there then buying. (although we managed our share of that!)  All I get for shopping these days are mad dashes through Walmart and Costco with two monkey's to keep in line.   The sales down south weren't super fantastic or anything, which was probably good because then we would have spent even more money!  We did score our usual purchase of Tillamook cheese.  It was on sale $4.99 for the first two and the $5.99 - for A TWO POUND BLOCK!!!!  No way, no how can we get cheese that cheap here.  We might get it for $10 if we're lucky.  Oh, and our cheese sucks in taste by comparison.

As I mention, I got to go to Calgary for a weekend work convention a week and a half ago. I have never gone away on anything like that nor left my kids without my husband being with me.  Clearly I survived because I'm still here!  I enjoyed listened to interesting key-note speakers, playing a wacky rendition of a relay they likened to the Amazing Race (It included a beer chugging portion! Water was an option too.) and hanging out with my employers and co-workers.  I also won a $50 gift card to Starbucks!

Okay, enough about me.
The kids are rapidly growing! Sierra is getting longer everywhere but not wider.  We've hit a frustrating clothes stage, especially with pants/shorts as they all gape at her waist and if they are cinchable then they often bunch horribly.  Poor kid!  She finally weights 35lbs.  5 more to get to booster seat stage, and with her luck by the time she gets there they'll have changed the regulations again! 
I bought her her first pair of heeled shoes.  She clops around them all day.
5-6yr-olds playing soccer is absolutely hilarious!  At one point Sierra and another girl were comparing shoes.
Sierra can ride her bike without training wheels.  It took her two days.  Starting and stopping is still an issue but "the going is good."

  I bought Sawyer size 8 (size 8!!!) shoes this past weekend and noticed his pants that were way too long a few weeks ago are starting to fit.  It's a good thing shorts don't matter because I purchased a huge used clothes lot locally and it would suck if he grew out of those before he could wear them!  Sawyer is starting to talk up a storm.  Unless you can interpret what he's saying it mostly sounds like Chinese but it's not.  Really!
He's developed an obsession with stickers.  I am constantly peeling them off the floor even though most of them stay in the book.
Sawyer is starting to play more and more and Sierra is happy to take him under her wing.
Sawyer has discovered that Nutella is the best thing and eats it daily, along with his sister. 
He has become fiercely independent and does everything by himself: getting in and out of his car seat and high chair, removing various clothing, trying to put on clothing, taking off his diaper (!), and more.

The weather is nice.  The war on the weeds had begun as has the motivation to work play outside.  We're off to a park this morning so I can let the kids run while visiting with a friend.

Until next time....

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