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Saturday, November 5, 2011

About A Ceiling Fan

I finally got mad at the ceiling fan in our bedroom. 

Nothing against it personally, we actually quite appreciate its air moving abilities during the warm summer month. (no, missing the 's' on the end of 'month' is not a typo) 

 It was anger towards what was on it.'

You see, every night for the past couple of months I would lay down, look up and see the dust collecting on the blades.  
I would think that it was obviously high time I dusted up there.  Laying in bed about to go to sleep was not that time.

Over the last couple of weeks the dust grew tails, both long skinny ones and soft puffy ones.  The deep brown blades began to turn kind of grey.
I would think that it was really getting rather disgusting and that I really should clean the fixture.  Once again, laying in bed about to go to sleep was really not that time.

                                                              Well, today was that time.

 Trevor actually did it because I can't reach it, even when standing on our bed.

I then got inspired and dusted all the bathroom light fixtures, fan, tops of the doors and so on.  Our bathroom and room are now as clean and dust free as they can be for now.  

Tonight I will lay in bed, look up and not think about cleaning the ceiling fan as I am about to go to sleep.

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