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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


"Who in their right mind does this?"
I thought to myself ten minutes into the P90X Yoga DVD for the first time - back in, oh, January!  I forged on, practically cursing as I "chatarunga-ed" and "downward dog-ed" and did "warrior" poses, wobbling and falling as I awkwardly attempted to contort my body.  Finally after nearly forty-five minutes (the yoga exercise session is an hour and a half in duration) I quit, stomped upstairs, and vowed I was never putting myself through that again!  
What a totally dumb form of exercise.
Bring on the jump training, the push-ups, the chin-ups and the kickboxing - but yoga?

Fast forward seven months:  I have since made it through the entire yoga DVD with a different attitude - more than once even - and not hated it or cursed my way through it.  

(whispering)  "I even enjoyed it yesterday!"

  You see, I have determinedly began P90X again.
For real this time.
Previously, I was doing one weeks' worth of workouts over the span two weeks.  It was good with my schedule but other than getting me to exercise it didn't achieve any kind of routine or noticeable results.  I actually nearly made it through Phase 2 of P90X (there are three 4 week phases) Then excuse number 5429 caused a longer-than-normal break in my "schedule" and before I knew it I hadn't worked out in awhile and my clothes were a wee bit snugger than I prefer and there was a family wedding looming up and I wanted to look decent in a dress.

I am 23 days in of punishing benefiting my body by doing the daily P90X exercises.  As I was putting my body through the paces of yoga last night I realized that I felt strong.  I still worked up a sweat but no longer did I feel like my limbs did not belong to me or that I was going to fall over.  I felt myself performing the fluid motions with familiarity and more ease (not to be confused with easy) than before.

I have never sweated as much nor been as consistently stiff and sore as the last three-plus weeks - and I've been working out on and off for over ten years!
But I feel great!

PS I have yet to get on a scale. I'm not sure I will.  I'm not sure it matters.

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