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Friday, August 19, 2011

My (Lack of) Sanitary Practices

Sierra and I had just finished baking scrumptious peanut butter molasses cookies and the kitchen had become its usual disaster when such an activity occurs.  Sugar, flour and who-knows-what-else decorated the counters and floor.  I turned and looked at Sierra just as she pulled the dish towel from the stove and wiped the sugar/flour crumb mixture from the bottoms of her feet and then hung the towel back where it came from to be used later.  Then, the other day after my dad spilled some water on the floor he sopped it up with my dish towel, hung it back up, and it was likely used to wipe dry a dish or too the next day.

I'm being honest here.  This is what goes on in my house.
Ideally, there would be a hand drying towel and a dish drying towel. A dish cloth for dishes and counters as well as one for the floor messes. I know quite a few people who are successful with this system, and those of them with young kids I especially applaud.  I can totally see how this would be much more sanitary!
Someday I may strive to attain this higher standard but it is so not even remotely realistic in my world. 
In the mean time, my dish cloths and towels get used for everything from feet to mouths to dishes to floors.
I apologize if I am appalling you.  But this is the cloth/towel situation in my house.  In the moment of a spill I can't be bothered to worry about which cloth/towel to grab.

I do try to change them frequently but there are admittedly days where after wiping a spill on floor the same towel/cloth is used on a clean dish.


Cam and Wendy Earl said...

Im not appalled. More relieved that this goes on somewhere else that isnt my house!

med neophyte said...

That is why I leave my dishes to air dry.