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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day in Vancouver

Yes, I am still alive.  

Just when I think I see a hole in the craziness of our life something fills it in before I can even think about walking towards it, never mind jumping through it.

I think I am going a little looney with the stress.

But I'm not here to wretch and moan and complain, I'm here to share with you one of the lovely days we had on our vacation to the West coast.

We took a day and drove into the city of Vancouver to experience the Vancouver Aquarium.  The weather was warm, not hot, with a bit of sun and cloud and made for a very pleasant day.  We ate $6 hotdogs and marveled at the various aquatic animals and enjoyed a dolphin show.

 Even Sawyer was totally taken in as we parked his stroller in front of the giant tank and the seals swam by.

Once we were fished out we invaded my aunt and her 7th floor 400ish square foot ocean- view apartment.  

I'm pretty sure the place will never be the same.

I was admiring the view from her balcony while holding Sawyer when all of sudden I felt him shift and his sippy-cup went flying by my ear and over the edge of the balcony.
It did not fare well.

My aunt treated us to a nice visit, pizza, and joined us for a delightful walk along the beach.

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