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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The sun has appeared.  
With warmth.  
And mosquitoes.  
Swarms and swarms of the useless little pests.

I've been selling and buying things.  Mostly selling.  
I bought this Peg Perego Pliko 3 stroller at a nearby garage sale for $120, it's been used 3 times and would cost $300 new. (I have a stroller obsession) I needed wanted a compact stroller where the seat back sat up straight and went into a full recline, a decent canopy was also a consideration.  I got it all!  I already had two strollers that had various shortcomings and they've already been sold.

My mom and dad found this awesome deal for a condo larger than our house in Palm Springs and have booked it for mid January.  Yes, we are invited to join them.  I think there might be enough room!
  With our horrendous winter and extremely late start to summer the idea of a warm vacation is very appealing - even if it's seven months away!

Speaking of vacation, it is less than three weeks until our trip to the coast.  We are all looking forward to it.  The week long packing process, 12+ hour drive with two kids, as well as the sure-to-be 6AM wake up calls while we're there at first because of the time change are particular highlights that I'm anticipating!  I joke.
  I'm counting on the reconnecting with family and friends to make it more than worth it.

I'm back to working my 12-18hrs a week and life is much happier in our household.

I'm almost ready to quit work if for no other reason than the nuisance finding child care has proven to be.  I'm not having a good experience with the search process.

I keep meaning to get up earlier and go for runs.
Hasn't happened.
Probably won't.

1 comment:

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Having a vacation on the horizon would keep me going! And the cost of daycare definitely gives you cause to re-think work. I've got two kids going to college this fall, so I have no choice but to suck up the work-thing and bring in money.