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Sunday, June 5, 2011


Has it really been nearly two weeks since my last post?!
I see that it has.
Okay so I'm back and here's a quick synopsis of the last two weeks:

It is June 5 and after a totally crappy May in the weather and time department we finally got our vegetable garden planted along with some perennials and annuals.  We even played hookey from church (gasp!) to accomplish this.  Trevor concluded that if this is the only nice day God is giving us than we'd better take advantage of it. (It has rained and rained and is supposed to again this week)  We haven't been able to make the sun's acquaintance much yet this "spring" to so the weeds haven't been able to flourish.  At least all we had to do was plant and not fight with weeds during our limited one day of heat and sun.

After working nearly 30 hours a week for the past four weeks I'm exhausted.  Work itself is fine, it's my rat race life outside of work that has done me in.  My kids are also starting to act up so it's time for me to be home more. (They are driving me up the wall and across the ceiling these days!)   I know that if I had to work full time we'd all get used to it.  My normal 12-18 hours of is much better for us though.  I get a break from my kids and yet don't feel like it takes over me life.  One more week, one more week.....

Trevor is a very happy man these days.  The Vancouver Canucks are in the Stanley Cup final and two wins away from securing the trophy.  Every game has us one the edge of our seats and on pins and needles.

My girl turns 4 this week and I'm freaking out a little bit.  She has turned into a little girl and is no longer a baby or toddler and as "they" say time is just a zooming.  Not that I want her a baby again, heavens no!  She gets more and more fun in new and different ways, but there is still that little ache inside me.  She had her pre-school orientation this past Friday.  I think that is what really got me. I will have a kid in school!  Maybe it's the realization that Trevor has no desire for more children and I'm not as convinced so when I see my babies growing up so quickly....

Anyway, life is okay.  I am ready for summer to arrive, especially since we seemed to have forgotten about spring.

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