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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sierra Bear Turns 4!!!

Sierra turned 4 years old on the 9th.
She is very proud to be 4 and informs nearly everyone of this feat.  
We had a princess party for her with my parents and grandma to help celebrate.  
I made fancy little sandwiches and we drank iced tea all while using pretty china.

As typically kid as a kid can get she tore into her presents with vigor and enthusiasm and had them all opened and examined in 2.7 seconds.   Then, course, we had to try them all out.

It was fun.  Next year I might throw her an actual birthday party with other kids.

Sierra has grown into such a nice little girl.  Her energy is boundless but overall she has mellowed out some.  She has a very strong mind of her own meaning there is never a question of what she wants or likes/dislikes.  Believe me there are many-a-battle as a result of her confident personality but in the end she is a people pleaser and thrives on praise and affirmation.
We think she has amazing athletic leanings for a kid her age.  She can whale a plastic baseball with a bat across our large yard or heave it way over my head with her hands.  Her foot control with a soccer ball challenges me and she pedals so fast on her little bike I can't even run to keep up anymore!  Sierra loves the swimming pool having recently discovered that water wings really do prevent her from sinking and that the big "zoomy" slide is way better than the little kid slide.

Yesterday I bought her a pair of Dora sandals (they were on sale) and once she got over the idea of having to get used they way they feel - as new shoes do - they became the best thing ever.  When Trevor and I checked on her before we went to bed we saw that she had changed into her Dora PJ's (to match) and fallen asleep with her new sandals on!  It was hilarious.  I wish we would have taken a picture.
Anyway, I can hardly believe I have a four year old already but as I've been saying all along- Sierra is becoming more and more delightfully fun and increasingly enriches our lives.

I love you Sierra-bear!

1 comment:

Tammie said...

happy birthday sierra!