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Thursday, October 1, 2009


There must be something in the air these days because I've come across a surprising number of people who are overwhelmed with life. I include myself.
At first I blamed my out of control pregnancy hormones that are blasting my coping abilities out the window.
Then I looked deeper and realized there's a lot more to it that is burbling and gurgling and making me a giant crank.

1. We've been dealing with Trevor's inability to secure a teaching job for over two years now. It's been highs and low and ultimately one disappointment after another. I'd say we were old hats at this whole saga by now but it just hasn't gotten any easier. So many people say that he's a great teacher and that there has to be a job for him yada, yada yada. Well, where is it???????? The fact is, the economy sucks and there have been huge cutbacks. This translates to minimal job opportunities and huge competition for the ones that do pop up. A recent posting had 65 applicants.
At the end of this month Trevor will be working permanently (well a one year kind of deal) for the decal shop as a sort of production manager. He'll cease subbing for this school year. The pay will be decent and he enjoys it. The stability in schedule and income will be nice. We're not giving up on him being a teacher and he'll still apply for jobs as they come up (if?) . Couple me going on maternity leave sooner than later with all the randomness subbing includes this option makes the most sense. Am I at peace with this decision? No not entirely but it is what it is and it'll be good.

2. We've been going non-stop on house stuff for well over a year. Yes, I have a house I love and wouldn't change a thing but it sure is a taxing process. It really has been all encompassing. We might a get a bit of reprieve around the time the baby is born but the work isn't really ending any time soon.

3. Because of the house-building and job situation we have not had any significant time off in a very long time. My batteries are running very low, I need a vacation or something.

4. I have a two year old who, although extremely fun and enjoyable, is even more life dominating than everything else combined. And we're having another one?

5. As if the raging hormones aren't enough I also have had issues sleeping, lack of sleep is huge in affecting ones mental stability.

5. Then on top of all that - there are the other "normal" things that still exist. Church and church related activities such as choir, socializing, grocery shopping, cleaning etc.

Combine everything and you've got one very stressed out pregnant thirty two year old that isn't sure how to deal with it. All I know is that I will.

1 comment:

Tammie said...

hang in there carla. :)

i think its great that trevor is taking on the decal job in a more permanent manner even though it really isnt what he wants to do. it may not be the best option for you guys, but i think there is something to be said for steady income. it will definitly mean one less thing for you to worry about. and thats always a good thing. :)

i totally get the batteries running low thing. because of our own houseing situation and home improvements we havent gotten away in quite sometime. all i want is one night!! just one night away!!!