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Saturday, September 26, 2009


As if I'm that age!
I still feel like I just turned - oh - say 25. I definitely don't feel like a teenager anymore (no missing those years!) and I don't feel 20ish either. But I can't possibly be 32. Alas, I am. I imagine that this sentiment of not feeling anywhere near my age will continue for a long time - as long as I don't feel older I'm okay with that.
Yesterday was my birthday. I planned for myself a good day and I was not disappointed. After a good night's sleep I woke up to a gorgeous, hot, sunny, fall day. I pampered myself with a hair cut and colour (sorry no picture yet) while my mom entertained Sierra. Trevor got me a fantastically fabulous lavender set of golf clubs

that we tried out at a nine-hole par three course later in the afternoon. This was followed by a delicious dinner out. We came home to our beautiful little girl

who, although was already in bed, demanded good night hugs and kisses that made me feel especially blessed.
It was nice to simply enjoy myself and life. I've been feeling rather out of sorts these last few months due to these lovely things called emotions that are being rollarcostered around by my rapidly fluctuating hormones so this was a pleasant break.
Today is another lovely day and has been filled with more wonderful activities that will end with a family dinner of homemade perogies.


kraftykash said...

Happy Birthday! What a great day. Your daughter is adorable. Her smile makes me smile.

Tammie said...

happy birthday...the clubs are great! my hubby plays and there are times i would love to learn. do you play often?

Carla said...

Thanks Kashoan - she makes me smile too! (most days)
Tammi - I learned to golf through lessons a few years ago and only went sporadically. Finally this year my mom and I joined a weekly ladies league which I really enjoyed. It's a very laid back league and since it's at a par three no one is exceptionally good so it's very non-threatening.