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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Butt Kicking

I decided this afternoon - while watching ten minutes of the 'Dr. Oz' show of all things which I never do but I was procrastinating and those ten minutes were somewhat interesting - that I've had enough. Not only have I had enough but it is time to do something about it.
I've been feeling like the grouch of the century and my mood has digressed to the point where I believe it doesn't even warrant me a can to live in! As I lamented earlier this week this has a lot to do with my pregnancy ailments.
Well, I'm tired of being tired and it is time to take charge and see if I can do something about it besides snap at my defenseless toddler, not so defenseless but no more deserving husband, and nap and feel lethargic and useless. Otherwise it will be an excruciating remaining four months for all who know me!
So what am I going to do?
I'm going to try and combat the heartburn/indigestion. I am going to do that by severely controlling my diet. I have a pretty good idea what causes the fiery burn and bloating that has me feeling like I'm twelve months pregnant so it's mostly a matter of avoiding those things.
Not only am I going to avoid 'bad' foods but concentrate on replacing them with healthier choices. I'm normally quite a health nut but have fallen so completely off that wagon that I can't remember what it looks like anymore. I figure the effect will be compounding: by avoiding bad food my heartburn will vastly improve and I'll feel a million times better by simply not being in pain every night and able to sleep, and by adding good food my energy and motivation will climb to somewhat normal levels. Plus, eating healthy can do nothing but ensure that my inevitable weight increase isn't of mountainous proportions, especially since I think my body is starting to tell me to ease back on my current level of running.
It'll be hard to avoid the trigger foods but if I'm tempted all I have to do is remember writhing in bed until 3 am!


Jen's Farmily said...

While you're kickin your butt can you kick mine too? I've fallen off the healthy bandwagon myself. And I've been so bloated and miserable it's ridiculous!!

Carla said...

Oh, how do we ever let ourselves fall into that hole?!