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Monday, October 5, 2009

P's and B's (potty's and beds)

After a stress-free weekend filled with shopping south of the boarder (which will stress me out later when I pay the bills!) I decided that I'm not enough of an emotional basket case so I took on two more challenges that are surely going to drive me to drink!
I hauled up the free toddler bed we've had for a few months for Sierra. Trevor was perusing Kijiji one afternoon when he happened upon an ad giving away a toddler bed just as it was posted. He phoned and promptly drove out to get it before anyone else could have a chance. I want to give Sierra plenty of time to transition out of a crib before the baby arrives in hopes that she won't think the baby is stealing 'her' bed. Since it's a new month I decided I'd start now. She had a great time playing on the new 'widdow bed' but when I asked her if she wanted to sleep in it... she ran screaming to her crib and banged on it saying,
"no seep da widdow bed, my big bed!"
I guess it'll take a bit of warming up to this one.

My second endeavor: after a necessary few week break from the wonderful process of potty training I asked Sierra if she wanted to wear her panties again today and she said yes. We proceeded through our morning and I asked her a couple of times if she needed to go potty to which she firmly replied,
Then at around noon she suddenly said,
"wet my simmie!" (she was wearing her swimsuit, don't ask!) and immediately removed it, ran to her potty and peed!
Any more potty training this afternoon was ruined by two bouts of explosive diarrhea, no doubt the result of all the junk food she ingested this weekend thanks to Papa and Granny (they came with us on our weekend excursion). Needless to say we were a little afraid to let Sierra run around without the safety of a diaper.
I'll try again tomorrow.

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