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Friday, June 26, 2009

Gratitude Friday - Part 1

I still have 11 minutes of Friday left so even thought most of you will read this Saturday or later I did actually make it! My blog friend Kashoan has inspired me to participate in Gratitude Fridays so here I go:

I am so thankful for an energetic little girl that I get to enjoy running around with at the playground.
I am super stoked that it turns out our house/property taxes were automatically being withdrawn along with our mortgage payment so we have some unexpected money!
We spent a fun evening with friends.
The upcoming two months keep having more and more exciting things added to them so what was once looking like a dull summer will be a shiny, happy summer!

Happy weekend all!


kraftykash said...

Yeah! You made it!! That is awesome to have some extra $$ arounf. I dont know what I would do with it. Your daughter is adorable. I love it when you put pics of her on here.

Tammie said...

made it just in time!

extra money is always nice isnt it?