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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

This and That

I've a bunch of random thoughts swirling in my brain and they need to be spewed so here they are:

Our ridiculously unjust provincial law system has deemed me 100% at fault for the vehicular incident three weeks ago. Since I was backing up and the other guy was moving forward he technically had the right of way and therefore I am the guilty party. As soon as the insurance adjuster heard that his ears turned off to the rest of the story and a big fat "At Fault" was stamped across my file. The law is the law and is doesn't matter that the other guy wasn't looking. Stupid. So we take a $1000+ hit one way or another. If the other guy does not claim for his damage (if has any kind of heart he won't!) we will likely pay for the repairs ourselves because going through insurance is not worth the increase in rates for the next six years (the length of time is shows on you record). Like we have that kind of money! Bah! But the vehicle is a lease and has to be repaired.

It was cloudy on Sunday and rained cats and dogs all day yesterday and it was great! Today the sun is back and tomorrow the heat returns.
I can actually see that I have some tan but I need more.

The cloudy Sunday meant that I missed the longest day of the year. Around here the sky will retain light until after 11P.M and show light around 4 A.M for May or so until July. I love it.

Last week we thought our garbage can had been stolen. Our town uses those fancy ones that the truck just picks up and dumps with a set of "arms", no touching garbage for those guys. The cans are $250 to replace and this was after we found out about our vehicle -we were starting to get really grumpy. It turns out that the can was mistakenly put in our neighbour's garage (unfinished, unoccupied house), probably by the guys who did our concrete. The can must have been in their way because it was garbage day and was on the curb. Relief with that scenario.

My mom and I joined a ladies golf league at a local par 3 course this summer. We took lessons about three years ago and haven't had too much time since then to practice. This was my mom's idea for us to do and after the first three weeks we started to enjoy ourselves. None of us ladies are very good so it's very laid back and relaxed and fun. It's 'our' time each week. The social aspect and the scenery is why women golf. Hitting a tiny white (okay not always white) ball with a stick across a vast expanse of grass into a small hole with as few strokes as possible is not particularly enjoyable because it rarely goes as one plans and gets extremely frustrating. But the one spectacular shot out of 25 does make up for the 25.

That's all for now, my brain is slightly lighter, thanks for reading!


Tammie said...

that sucks about the car. im sorry :(
the golf thing sounds fun though.

Jen's Farmily said...

Yuck. I'm sorry about your car. I hate it when it wasn't your fault but b/c of the LAW, it seems like it is.

Glad to hear you found your trash can!!

Goodluck golfing. When I was working, we had a golf outing. It was fun for the first 9 holes, then I got bored.

kraftykash said...

Hey Carla! Just wanted to remind you that tomorrow is gratitude Friday. Hope you are still going to play along.