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Thursday, June 4, 2009


I'm subjecting you to the language of Sierra because I'm her mom and I think it's so darn cute and I feel the need to share!
Burp: belt
Burbur: bellybutton
Moush: mouth
Wee: slide
Jumjum - said with a soft "J" like in Angelina Jolie: swing (not sure why)
Byby: blanket
Soo: soother, although soo-er is starting to emerge.
Chacha: chocolate
'No (besides the obvious meaning which she knows all to well): snow
Hophop: walk, although she's going with wha more and more.
Key: kitty
Tee: t.v.
Schraa: Shrek
Dat: Dad
Hone: home

Sierra melted my heart on Sunday when out of nowhere she started calling me Mom-mee. Now she walks around saying it constantly and it almost drives me crazy but it's way sweeter to hear that than the drawling "Maawm" I got util now.


Tammie said...

i love jum jum. too cute.

kraftykash said...

Korby will be 10 in August, and does not call me mommy anymore. Just mom....enjoy!