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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


My darling girl is officially two years old. While I was pregnant with Sierra, everyone, and I mean everyone with kids, warned me that time progressed at warp speed as soon as you become a parent. I scoffed those people.
Not anymore.
There's something about watching how much they change from a helpless newborn, to a cuddly baby, to an independent toddler in such s short span that sets time on 'fast' mode.
Two years ago, after 64 hours of labour, Sierra Mary was born at 7 pounds, 6 ounces, and 21 inches long. She was perfect and healthy. We named her Sierra simply because we loved the name, the name Mary came from my maternal grandmother, Trevor's maternal grandmother, and my mother's middle name. I remember marvelling at this tiny creature and seeing immediately how she was so much her own person even though she was also a part of Trevor and me.

3 days old

Sierra has never ceased to display her unique personality; she is very definitive about her likes and dislikes. We didn't start calling her "The Small Boss" for nothing!That assertion is manifesting itself more and more each day, especially now as she has hit the dreaded "two". She frustrates me to no end at times and has even reduced me to tears but I wouldn't wish her any other way. I pray that her strength and gumption carry her through her entire life and are beneficial to her. No one will take advantage of my girl!

3 months old

Sierra is incredibly happy and gleeful. I've said this before, and I'll say it again, she is such a joy to be around. Her enthusiasm for everything is heartwarming. There truly is nothing like seeing things through the eyes of a child.
Around 9 months old

She also oozes sweetness. I want that sweetness and innocence to stay with her forever. Unfortunately I know that life and experience will have to challenge that. I pray that the joy of Jesus takes over her heart and that she draws on Him for everything.

One year old.

I never in a million years thought I would so completely enjoy being a parent.
I never in a million years thought that a child could enlighten me so much.
I never in a million years thought I could love a child as much as I love Sierra.

Nearly two.

We had a birthday party for her last Saturday. My parents, Oma, and some close friends came for pizza, Shrek cake (Sierra's most recent obsession on TV, I was so sick of Big Comfy Couch one day I popped the Shrek DVD in and it was an instant hit) and good times!

No I did not make this, I wish! A local bakery that specializes in cakes came up with this lovely creation.

Blowing out her candles was too much to ask so I had to do it!

Opening presents though...she was right into it!

I love you Sierra!


Tammie said...

happy birthday sierra!

kraftykash said...

She is beautiful! Her eyes would light up any room. Im glad you all had a nice time at her party.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Sierra! She's more adorable every day Carla! I still enjoy all her photos! Thanks for sharing.