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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Food For Thought

Food has become a big frustration with Sierra. If all I gave her were Smarties (bascially M&M's for you Americans) she'd be happy as a clam 24/7 ! Nevermind that her teeth would be rotting and falling out, she'd be the largest kid her age know to mankind, and on a constant sugar high which would not be a good scene.
What happened to my baby who nursed easily, took formula no problem, ate most of her baby food with enthusiasm?
She developed a personality and opinions.
Sierra has an enormous sweet tooth, thus the potential for a serious Smarties addiction. Nutella is the only thing she'll eat on toast. Vanilla ice cream is the world's best desert. She loves "dap -ee-dap". Translation: dips like syrup, ketchup, and ranch dressing. Carrots, potato cubes and french toast are merely vessels for getting the dip into her mouth. The other night at my mom's she was eating syrup with a spoon! (grandparents I tell ya) Carbs are also where it's at with her: Cheerios, noodles, bread, rice. The odd occasion there are chips in our house Sierra would eat the entire bag I'm sure! Meat and vegetables are pretty much from the devil as far as Sierra's concerned. Although she does like fruit and yogurt.

I hate meal times. Most of the time she is hungry well before a typical supper time and a small snack never suffices. I put effort into making her something and she pushes it away. She gets so dang grumpy and unreasonable when she's hungry that I keep giving her options until she eats something. I don't feel that I have much choice because of her surely mood and once she's eaten there's a complete switch in attitude. Seriously, she goes from whiny, ornery beast-child to sweet happy-go-lucky toddler. I feel like I run a toddler restaurant some days with all the choices!
I will give myself some credit and say that the majority of what I do offer her is fairly healthy: eggs with grated zucchini and cheese, grilled cheese, homemade vegetable soups, etc. Lately I've released my devious side and been sneaking in a variety of vegetable purees any way I can. (i.e. cauliflouer in banana bread, my hubby loved it never mind Sierra)
I hope this is all a phase. She's a bit too young yet to reason with, especially when she has a hungry tummy! I'm having a hard time deciding if she's pushing the boundaries as she approaches "2" or if this is simply a stage. All I feel that I can do for now try to make things as healthy as possible and not give in to Sierra's love of sweets just to placate her. I'm mostly winning but it is a bit of a battle.

My mother just lifts her eyebrows and goes,
"Hmmm, I had a daughter like that once."


Kindra said...

Yep, I hear you. I thought I had everything under control in the food department..."We won't have a picky child! We fed her curries and stir-fries and other weird things since before she was one and she loved them!" Yet now I offer her things I KNOW she likes, things that she ate with enthusiasm before, and some days she pushes them away and says no before she even tries it! SO FRUSTRATING! She eats a ton of fruit, and vegetables if they are small and mixed into things like rice and pasta. I'm wondering when the age is that she is old enough to be told "this is dinner and if you don't like it, don't eat." One day I'll bring down the iron fist, but until then, appeasing her it is :)

Carla said...

I'm glad I'm not alone with this one!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you are so not alone in this! Nicholas would happily survive on KD & Happy Meals...and apples. And it is pretty hard to battle it out with a kid who simply won't eat at all if it isn't something he likes.
And the whole "loves it one day...won't eat it ever again" so FRUSTRATING.
So, yes...we understand your frustration :)


kraftykash said...

Take a deep breath and give your daughter a little break. I find myself saying "Choose your battles, Kashoan" alot! If she wants her "dap" with veggies...then so be it. When Korby was 2 she loved to eat the little boxes of raisins. Do they sell those there? That and a baggie of cereal. Hope this helps a little. :) I think you are doing a great job with her. Pat yourself on the back from me!

Carla said...

Thanks Kashoan! Yes, there are some days I do take a break for the sake of our sanities. Boxes of raisin - we can get them here and Sierra enjoys them but I forgot about them.