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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cleaning Cars

I grew up with a dad who couldn't stand an even remotely dirty vehicle. They all got detailed on a regular basis whether they needed it or not. He taught me all about keeping a car in pristine condition. He figures that if you spend all that money on something you should take care of it.

As for my husband...
Vehicles? Dirty? What do you mean?
He figures that if a person can still sit unobstructed in the seat then the interior clutter isn't that bad, and if the wheels are still turning there can't be that much mud covering the exterior. So what if you can no longer tell what colour the vehicle should be.
Well, I couldn't take the filthiness of our vehicles any more, especially the interiors.
I cleaned the inside of both of them on Saturday afternoon.
The SUV had enough Cheerios, Teddy Grahams, and Arrowroots in the back seat to feed a large crowd. As for the car - I was quite worried that when I emptied the back a family of small, furry creatures would come scurrying out.
After two hours of cleaning I am no longer scared for the condition of my clothes when I sit in either vehicle, or that I might be intruding in on some critter's residence. The SUV exterior was kindly washed last weekend compliments of my father and Trevor washed our car on Saturday. I remember now, it is black.
I am no longer embarrassed by either vehicle.

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You don't love me.