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Friday, March 27, 2009

Here's Hoping...Again!

We've been throught his before. Many times by now. Each time the outcome has not been in our favour. It's been a few months but here we are again.
There's a temporary job opening at one of the schools Trevor substitute teaches at. He's actually become their number one choice when they need someone. It's a small school in a very small town forty minutes away but he really likes it there and they really like him. He should practically be a shoo in for the job - right?
We probably live in the stupidest area EVER for teachers to get a job.

The city district: basically if the principal likes someone they get a job when one opens up. Most of the time there isn't even a formal posting, the principal just calls them. "Hey want a job?"
We heard of one scenario where a girl interviewed for a position at the beginning of summer and then left the country for a month with no way of contacting her before hearing whether she got it or not. It turns out she would have been offered the job had she been around. The end of summer comes along and the principal of the same school calls her for another position (no resume was submitted) that was completely out of her areas of strength . She said if she got the job it was solely because the principal liked her since she wasn't overly qualified and she had been rather irresponsible regarding a position at the beginning of summer.
She got the job.

One of the county districts : The principals have virtually no say in the initial selections for interviews. Hiring is done mainly by the superintendent. Trevor's heard that they have a policy of hiring teachers only within their university majors. The job opening I just mentioned is grade 2 and 5 language arts and math and is in this district. I could teach that. University major hardly helps at those grade levels!
There are also some predominantly Mormon towns nearby and even though they are public schools unless one is Mormon there is no hope in *#@$ of getting a job there. We are not Mormon.

One extreme is who you know the other is what you know and then when both of those things are there something else is thrown into the mix!
We know many teachers and they all say the same thing - getting a job around here is pure luck.
Hence our frustration.

Knowing there is once again a job possibility, even though it's temporary, brings all sort of emotions back to the surface. I don't want to hope for fear of disappointment, but I have to hope because that is what keeps me going.
Our life is good and we really can't complain but the affect of Trevor not having a permanent job is starting to run deeper. I don't know who all you readers are but no doubt you come from many different beliefs and backgrounds. If you believe in God and pray, please pray for us in this.
Thank you!


Tammie said...

oh carla i feel for you and hope it works out. my husband has had a lot of job ups and downs the last few years so i kinda know what you're talking about. ( ex: he was next in line for a promotion, told he was going to get promotion, didn't get promotion, and so get the idea.)the whole process can be incredibly stressful and the waiting is just awful.

i'll be thinking of you.

Carla said...

Thanks! It's cool to have people far away thinking of you!