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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Past Week

What an interesting past week I've had, to say the least. We flew out to the west coast for me to be involved in a friend's wedding. As you all know, life is never simple or goes as planned and such was our little jaunt.

First of all, the day we arrived in my husband's hometown his mother came down with a wicked cold. She put up a gallant fight and wore a brave face but she did not get the enjoyment out of our visit that I know she was anticipating.

On Saturday morning, just as we were about to leave to drop me off for the wedding (I was a bridesmaid and therefore was required earlier for beautification process) Sierra threw up all over me. Sierra does not throw up. EVER. She barely spit up as a newborn! Here's what I figured it was: she'd been eating those little oranges that are kind of like mandarins but are smaller, I don't know what they are called, and there was at least a entire orange worth of whole pieces that came up. Apparently she forgot to chew and her little tummy didn't appreciate that. She spent the day sleeping and recovering with her sick grandma and was mostly herself by Sunday.

The wedding was an hour away from where we were staying, across the Canadian/US border in Bellingham, WA. Friday afternoon I had the lovely adventure of driving ALONE in an unfamiliar car, in a different country, and on roads where I had never been before. It's weird because it's not like the instant you cross the boarder the trees suddenly have eyes and arms, the language switches to Greek, and the people have horns; it's very much like Canada but somehow knowing it's a different country had me all freaked out. You have to understand that I abhor being in unfamiliar situations and this was the peak of being out of my comfort zone. I made it to my destination (backtracking twice because I second guessed my directionality) twenty minutes late and not even too frazzled; all in all I was proud of myself. I sure did enjoy that martini I had with my friend, the bride, upon my arrival though!

The wedding was a blast. I had so much fun despite knowing my daughter was sick and with grandparents she didn't know overly well. Since I knew she was in good hands I actually didn't think about her much at all! (Small twinge of guilt inserted here)

I won't bore you with oodles of pictures filled with people you don't know and an event you don't particularly care about but I had to include one of me and the bride. Aren't we purdy?

Anyway, the next two days were spent visiting and then we hopped back on a plane and came out of the clouds and rain of the coast into the sun and wind of the prairie.

Then I got the flu.
Thanks Sierra. It was extremely kind of you to share.
(Remember that throwing up thing she did on Saturday because of the oranges? I'm not so sure it was the oranges)
I was useless for two days, tired for two more and now I feel mostly like myself.
Now Trevor has the flu.

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