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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Up and Down

The Downs:
I woke up to snow after it being in the mid-teens yesterday! (62ish in Ferenheit I think)
I have a cold now, after a stomach bug which finally fully subsided today.
Sierra is constipated and therefore not sleeping great and rather grumpy and been extremely difficult. Who can blame her though?
My house is dirty and driving me loonie.

The Ups:

Colder weather will keep me inside and give me less excuse for ignoring the state of my house.
Sierra pooped late this afternoon and cried the whole time. I'll spare you the hard details but she still needs the prune juice I went and got today so hopefully that gets things going even more! The point is, it put her in a better mood.
There may be a mess in my house but the small, uncompleted stuff is getting done instead.

Now I need some advice.
This is what my TV wall now looks like with a new TV stand and floating shelves on the wall:

I have a lovely tall plant for the right corner but what do I put on the shelves? I 'm thinking some photos of family but there needs to be some other fun decorative items - suggestions?
What other colour do I introduce to this room? I have enough red but it need another little "pop" of another colour I think. Yellow, orange, lime green? (see here for the red wall that inspired all the red)

1 comment:

Kindra said...

I love the way aqua and red look together...that could be a really great pop of color.

Sorry for all the sickness and poopiness (or lack of poopiness ;) Hope this week turns around for you.