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Monday, December 15, 2008

Making Up

Sierra has this incessant need to be everywhere I am at all times, and I mean everywhere. There's no privacy with her let me tell you! Her being always underfoot and hanging on to my pants makes certain activities rather challenging. Cooking, cleaning, doing my hair and putting on make up etc. all require new skills and innovative methods of appeasing Sierra while I attempt to accomplish such tasks. Simply playing with my makeup brushes and emptying the tampon drawer quickly got boring for Sierra so I came up with the idea of having her sit on the counter while I put on my make up. At first watching was sufficient but being the girl and ape that she is that didn't last long. She wanted to put on make up too. I gave her an old brush and let her at my old makeup and she had a ball!

Apparently her mouth is where makeup belongs! Her makeup looks more like a post-chocolate- ice-cream-face. You may notice that she has a lipstick tube in her hand. She loves to take the lid on and off but has yet to figure out how to turn the lipstick tube which makes it a harmless toy so far. I know I'll have to be careful because lipstick messes are nasty!

This is her face when I tell her to smile for the camera.

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