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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Canadian Baby

As I mentioned the other day, frigid, bone chilling, curse inducing temperature highs of -25 have been inflicted upon us.
Trevor asks daily why we live here, which is followed by a
"We're moving to Phoenix!"
"I'm pretty sure God is on vacation!"
Anyway, due to blowing snow and ice the roads are practically undrivable with anything but a snowplow or Hummer, niether of which we have. Now our SUV did manage to bring Trevor to work this morning (unlike two semis and four cars that ended up in the ditches on an 11km stretch, comforting) but only because of some old lady , snail driving. I was left with a sports car that has bald tires.
Bald tires + ice = I don't think so.
Translation of the situation: Sierra and I are housebound.
This weather completely took care of my plans for finishing my last hour of Christmas shopping and getting a hair cut, couple those necessary tasks with frantically trying to paint a house - heck start painting a house - and only 7 days left until Christmas...
I am seriously running out of time!

(Panic attack ensues)
1 minute passes.
I'm okay now.

It's been cold for almost a week so we're experiencing a bit of cabin fever and the caged-animal pacing is beginning. Since it is not quite as skin biting today, (a balmy -10 which is promised to be short-lived) I had the bright idea to subject Sierra to her first, and assuredly not last, experience of a snowsuit and snow. We needed something to do and I often had fun playing in the snow as a kid myself and thought she might too. We dressed up in eskimo clothes and tramped out into the drifts. At first I took Sierra to the back yard and plopped her in a waist high drift.
Dumb idea.
There was much objection.
Then I had her make a snow angel.
Worse idea.
More objection.
We moved to the front yard because the drifts aren't as bad there. Sierra thought this was okay and ran around tolerantly, although she did ask to go in every few minutes. I decided to shovel half the driveway while we were out in order to feel somewhat productive.
It was rather disheartening to see that by the time I was done the wind had already deposited a thin layer back onto the driveway. Not that productive after all.
I told God I didn't like his sense of humour.

The too big snow suit (her hands aren't even in the mitts).

A picture of:
snot running profusely, eyes tearing, a face assaulted by cold wind and snow, while being encased in a puffy, movement restricting suit
- sounds fun eh?


Tammie said...

ha ha...she looks absolutely adorable in the snowsuit. too cute.

kraftykash said...

Got to love those hand me downs from the big brother! I TAGGED you...Come check it out and play along :)