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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Looking into 2009

Definition: a firm decision to do something.
My friend Kindra uses the word "goals" instead of "resolution". She also puts a process in place rather than just deciding to do or accomplish something. That makes sense to me. For me the term "resolution" means "failure" right from the get-go.
I began contemplating (bad I know, careful of the smoke) and with the current chaos surrounding me I've concluded that something has to change or I will be committed to a mental institution sooner than later. Last night for instance, I was totally and completely out of sorts and did not know what to do with myself. There was no particular reason, just an accumulation of stress I believe, and I was a massive bundle of jitters, it felt like my skin didn't fit me. Nothing satisfied me. Following an unsettled evening I had a weirdly restless night that had me from our bed, to the couch, then back to bed again. I also had psychotic dreams. I blame the tequila laced lime-ade. Today I feel calmer and I decided that creating a few more goals in addition to finishing the house would be good for my sanity and in turn for those around me. Eating, breathing and sleeping 'house' can't be good for a person. (Only 31 days to go according to my schedule!)

Here's what I came up with:
1. Buy an old fashioned journal for writing in and use it for things like jotting down prayers - which I desire to do more of, cute things Sierra does and says that I'll otherwise never remember later, and any other tidbits of my mind that I feel need documenting; a private place for my thoughts and memories.
2. Get back into better health by deliberately exercising 3 times a week and drastically reducing my junk food/sugar intake, and continuing with my increased veggie consumption.
3. Tidy as I go so that my house does not end up looking like a pig-sty and require a massive top-to-bottom clean. (This is a once-we-move goal, it's a nearly impossible feat in our current abode)

That's probably good for now, too many and I'll give up before tomorrow!

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