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Monday, December 1, 2008

Choosing 2

(I'm distracting my mind from the reason of my previous post and thinking about what makes me happy - my house)

Trevor and I absolutely need to make a decision about the counter-top. We were not able to agree on any of the previous options one hundred percent. The darker one came the closest but it only comes in a high gloss finish which is not recommended because apparently every little scratch shows on that type of finish. So we went back into the only cabinet store in the city that has a sample of our cabinet choice and sorted through more samples. The actually had larger versions which was most helpful.

And the two finalists are:

drum roll please...

Please note: the scan does make them a little darker and duller than in reality.

Ironically enough the left option is pretty much exactly the same as we had in our previous house and we know we like it. That is Trevor's first choice and likely what we'll go with in the kitchen. I kind of like the lighter one for something different, maybe in the bathrooms.
What do you think?

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