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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Did I ever think that at 30 years old I'd be moving back "home" with my parents? Back in my same old bedroom in the basement, back in my same old bathroom with the leaky shower door....

Nope, definitely not on my list of life goals.

But alas, that is exactly what has occurred. Fortunately the list of "sames olds" isn't much longer than those mentioned above. The house has been renovated and updated quite a bit since I moved out when we got married.

The move went relatively well. It was a huge amount of work and our new basement abode is quite a mess. I loathe packing and moving. Actually, I don't know anyone who enjoys it but if you do, we need to talk. After moving into our future new house I'm determined never to go through his again. Trevor seems to think that we might sell this next one and engage in this process (minus the moving in with parents) again to make money and attempt to eradicate our mortgage. I, on the other hand, plan to live there until a ripe old age and then die in this next house. Moving is murder on one's physical and mental being. I am weary to the core. Yet somehow my body and my mind are still running full bore on adrenalin from all the activity. We put in many long days that sapped all my energy and yet I've still had trouble sleeping!
Cleaning our house was the worst. Trevor's parents were here so they watched Sierra leaving us to ourselves to make our house worthy for someone else to move into. We basically worked alone which left me to my thoughts which was not good. Many memories came flooding back. Memories of our move to the house from Calgary - how much I didn't want to leave our life there and didn't like the house. Memories of how much sweat equity we put into the house to get it where we did like. Memories of how good life here has turned our and the fun we've had in the house. (I am such a woman!) I cried at the very end, bid the house farewell and drove off.


There's always a but during these sentimental moments...right?

I know that all of this is all so we can get closer to better things. We are in a transition phase. Trevor and I are going to be building our personal dream home. It won't be an extravagant mansion built with an endless financial source or anything like that, it will be a house built for specifically for us to hopefully last a lifetime. I am extremely thankful to be in the place we are. What my parents are doing for use by allowing us to live with them is invaluable. Sure there will likely be some challenges ahead but there is a finish line in sight.

Despite the strangeness and unsettledness of the situation it is very comforting to be here. We get along fabulously with my parents and they have a beautiful house and yard.

It is, after all, still home.

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