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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

To Dig...Or Not

If you care to know, or even if you don't I'm going to tell you, where we are at on our new house.
We were all set to dig the basement today, have the water line put in tomorrow and the footings poured on Friday with the foundation done next Tuesday. Our excavator showed up promptly at 7:30 this morning and began with the services trench.
Then he stopped.
Something didn't add up.
Apparently the way the land is graded the slope is not steep enough to allow for the depth of a walk-out bungalow. The hole has to be shallower than planned which means a higher basement which means re-working the plans. The drawings have passed all architect and development controls and one would think that someone there would have thought to mention this 'minor' detail before.
Excavator stopped, plumber canceled, truss order canceled because who know what the change will do to the roof pitch, and two rather frustrated home builders!
The plans are back with our drafter who knows a surveyor and hopefully they'll figure out how to modify the house design this weekend so it works. It's not a floor plan change or anything, just the elevations.
Now we're behind a couple of weeks without even starting.
The depressing part....this is only the beginning.


Arlin said...

Sorry to hear about your rough start. Hopefully you can make up the time farther along. We're finding it's not all roses with our project either but it's still moving forward.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, so sorry. On a happier note I mld off the DVD's on tues.
sarah :)