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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Getting Around

On May 20 or so, Sierra figured out how to get around. She tucks her right leg under her and propels herself forward with her hands on her bum. It is the cutest little scoot!

Three weeks ago Sierra decided that she wanted to walk unassisted between Trevor and me across the living room. Now she walks and runs everywhere! There are many interruptions by falling but she as long as there's something nearby to pull herself up with she keeps on going.
She absolutely loves the independence and is into everything!


med neophyte said...

Look at her go!
That is an adorable set of pics.

Kindra said...

Wow good for you Sierra!

Sharon said...

This is the best age! Look at how happy Sierra is! You just love every little teeny thing they do. It's all amazing, like watching the most beautiful flower ever bloom right before your eyes on a daily basis. I remember it so well.

My girls are 12 and 15. Seems like just yesterday they were doing the 'scoot' also.