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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

At Long Last

Every since I quit nursing Sawyer (by his decision) I have been trying to abolish a stubborn five pounds that he blessed me with.  I always figured that five pounds wasn't that much and should be somewhat simple if I stuck with exercising and eating mostly healthy.  But other than one or two pounds I just couldn't do it.
To say I was frustrated was an understatement.
Seriously - it was ONLY FIVE POUNDS!!! 
It became more about figuring out why it wasn't happening and achieving this one measly goal  than being unhappy with myself.  My body isn't perfect and I enjoy eating so not being model thin is okay with me.  Sure, I wasn't completely happy with the weight I was at but I wasn't overweight.

Well, two weeks ago I got on the scale and I finally saw the goal numbers!!!!

It actually was possible.

I achieved this through a combination of things that I won't bore you with. In short, my days included hard core exercise through the Insanity program (nasty curses were said every time I sweated through a workout), being more aware and conscientious about how many calories I was consuming, and drinking protein smoothies.  I still ate sweets and other junk food (of course! life wouldn't be worth living otherwise!) along with the healthy stuff but I tried to incorporated them into a daily calorie count that wasn't through the roof.  I was/am amazed and how quickly and easily I could/can gorge myself on an obscene number of calories.  Some days I just threw the numbers to the wind and ate what I wanted.  You know what? I thoroughly enjoyed ever bite and did not feel guilty about it!

It took me a good three months with this method but it is a real way to live for me and it worked!

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