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Monday, January 9, 2012

Winter Blows

This winter has been WIND-DY!!!!
When I say windy I mean windy.  Gusts blowing up to140km/hour on occasion which is considered hurricane force.  Highways shut down because of the debris and tipped over semis.  Roofs and other parts are being blown off of buildings.  It howls and roars with such fury our house shakes.  Our toilets have whitecaps in them.  Okay, maybe not waves but the water does lap up the sides of the bowl.
No I'm not pulling your leg.  This is true.
I'm pretty sure if the wind ever stopped I'd drive right off of the highway because I'm so used to compensating!

Prairie grass fires have also been a hazard.  The wind has sucked up every drop of moisture so the smallest spark and the gale force winds are a dangerous combination.  The west side of our city was evacuated due to fires and high winds a month or so ago.

Sure, there has been no snow and it's unusually warm for this time of year. What good is warm when you can't go outside at all for fear of being picked up and carried to the next province?  The only good thing is the low heating bills!

Did I mention the headaches?  The crazy wind is a fantastic migraine inducer - which Trevor is so blessed to get.  While I don't get migraines I've certainly suffered my share of headaches.  My hair is static-y and in a constant knot and my skin is dry and flaky.  Oh, and my eyes are full of grit from all the dirt in the air.
Bring on the cold and snow!
At least it won't blow.

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