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Friday, January 27, 2012


As it turns out, we lucked out and vacated Southern Alberta during the coldest week of the winter.  Trevor gloated the entire week we were away and gleefully pointed out the sub zero temperatures at home while we enjoyed 20ish degree Celsius days.

Now, back home,  although it's back up to above 0, the wind is once again howling.
I miss Palm Springs.
Maybe we'll move there.

We had a nice week away.  
Trevor and I drove with Sierra to Disneyland one day.  A great day!
We thoroughly enjoyed being outside at the playground and pool and for walks.  
We went to a zoo and almost got to feed giraffes.  Of course the one time they weren't hungry was when we were there!   
We wondered through two flea markets and perused the locally made items for sale.  
We looked longingly at the gorgeous golf courses wishing we could be on them.  
We ate a lot of Cold Stone because we had two-for-one coupons.

Amid the fun of a holiday I did learn some things this time around (note: this is not really complaining):

1. My kids need to be in separate rooms.  Correction:  Sawyer needs to be in a separate room.  He is a lighter sleeper than his sister and often woke up earlier than normal.  As soon as he heard the rustle of a blanket or Sierra going to the bathroom he was hollering to get up.  Our days started before 7 so sleep was not attained.  I was more tired upon our return than before we left.

2.  We absolutely can NOT push Sierra's bed time, especially with early wake up times.  We can maybe get away with one day that is a little more intense but then  the next day must be a catch up day for her.  This was learned the hard way with a couple of spectacular melt downs on her part and a worn out mother from dealing with them!

3.  A spacious condo is the way to go with little kids, especially regarding meals.  We cooked and ate the majority of our meals there and that made eating far more relaxing.  It also saved us money.  We did go out for a few fast food lunches and one nicer supper.  For the supper out we were at the restaurant by 5:30 armed with a DVD player.   The kids were also hungry, having been denied afternoon snacks and having had some pool time, so they ate and watched a short movie and we managed to be out in an hour just as Sawyer was getting squirmy.   (Note all this to self for future meals out.)

5. One week is far too short.  10 days to two weeks would be better.  We barely felt like we were in the groove of relaxing and it was time to go home.  I say this with every vacation.  Since we only get two weeks a year we have to use the time we have efficiently.

I would love to post pictures but our camera software is not working on our new computer (or something) so you'll have to use your imagination.

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