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Friday, January 6, 2012


Popcorn - the worlds best snack!  (I fully agree)
Play Dough cake masterpiece.
Watching TV with the aforementioned worlds best snack.
He loves this dog.  It was actually a gift to Sierra from her Aunt Amanda but Sawyer has taken ownership.
Mmmmm!  This is delicious soup!
He gets this sitting configuration from me and, yes, I can still sit like this.


Karen D said...

Gosh Sawyer is getting so big. When did that cute baby disappear and turn into a handsome little boy? Sierra looks like she had a blast with that playdough cake. Good times!
I LOVE sitting like Sawyer does, I only wish I still could. My knees would probably snap and fall off if I tried that now LOL. I wonder why we lose that ability as we get older - at least MOST of us do! :-)

Sheri said...

Can all kids sit like that when they are little do you think? Or is it a yes or no for life kind of thing I wonder? Anna sits like that all the time too :)