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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Holiday Recap

~ Christmas was really good.  
Everyone got along, behaved and had fun.  Kids sure do bring an element of craziness to it!  Gift opening was a scene of flying paper, ribbons, bows and boxes and I've finally admitted that calm family dinners simply don't exist anymore.  (although our turkey dinner wasn't bad because we ate during Sawyer's nap) The hot tub was completely awesome to have (my parents rented one for a week).  Sierra thought it was the best thing since chocolate, and Trevor is dreaming up ways to buy one for ourselves.  Christmas Day was brown, a bit windy, sunny, and relatively warm  for these parts (10 degrees Celsius).

`~ We hosted a New Year's Party and had eight adults over.  We indulged in a Toblerone chocolate fondue.  There is nothing better than totally obliterating the nutritiousness of fruit by smothering it in melted chocolate!  We also laughed our way through the final two hours of 2011 with a game of Taboo.  By the time everyone left and the chocolate high wore off it was 2 A.M.  The kids had us awake by 6:45.  We suffered all day today.
~ No major resolutions in play for me this year.  
The usual maintain-a-healthy-lifestyle- make-the-most-of each-day kind of thoughts are circulating.  Since my life is so fly-by-the-seat-of-the-kids'-pants there's no point in aiming for anything because it is most likely to be altered or dashed. Oh, that is so not in my personality as I'm such a planner and doer but Sierra and Sawyer have forced me to set that part of me aside and live a little more relaxed and with lower expectations.

~ We leave for a vacation in two weeks.  TWO WEEKS!!!
We are looking forward it, yes, but with reserved anticipation.  Kids are so unpredictable and going anywhere with them is so much work. "Restful" doesn't describe our holidays at this stage.  On second thought, it doesn't describe our life anywhere at anytime!  Anyway, I believe it will be worth it because there should be lots to do and it will be different than the every day norm.  I think that's the key - having enough for the kids to do.  Otherwise all we'd have is bored cranky kids in an unfamiliar place.  This vacation has suddenly come upon me and I suddenly feel a bit of stress with all there is to prepare..but it is still a vacation so I shan't complain!


Tammie said...

i want to have a party with eight other adults!!!

happy vacation.

Sheri said...

Glad you had a nice Christmas and New Years. I can't remember where you are going on vacation but I hope you have some fun! Miss you guys!